partner-logo-aer-lingus-log Ultimate To Provide Cleaning and Security Checks to Aer Lingus
May 14, 2013

Ultimate Aircraft will be doing turn clean services and security checks for Aer Lingus at JFK through Jet Blue. Both services are procedures that Ultimate Aircraft implemented per TSA and Aer Lingus rules and regulations. In our continuous effort to bring value to our customers, and drive constant improvement, Ultimate Aircraft operates with a clearly defined approach of implementing the necessary controls to ensure compliance, safety and security. We are dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics. In doing so, Ultimate’s recent startup of Aer Lingus has been a tremendous success. With the support and experience of our Director of Training and Quality Control Waseque Miah and Station Manager Domenico Formica, Ultimate Aircraft has coordinated and implemented the entire scope of this project. The project’s continued success has re-defined vendor training and provided our business partners with a piece of mind. Ultimate Aircraft currently conducts aircraft security searches and cleaning for Aer Lingus, Southwest, AirTran and Jetblue, as well as aircraft security search initial and recurrent training.