Specialty Services

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Maintenance Check Cleaning
If your aircraft is ready for its maintenance check, Ultimate Aircraft can clean all necessary components to get the inspection started. These cleanings often include services such as cleaning gear wells, pax compartments, APU compartments, galley cavities, lav shrouds and cavities, etc. We provide cleaning services for all maintenance check levels from A to D.

Carpet Cleaning and Change Outs
Ultimate Aircraft recommends setting up a carpet cleaning program to lengthen the life of your carpet. We are also able to change out carpet as needed.

Lavatory & Water Services

Landing Gear & Wheel Wells

Seat Cover Change Outs
Don’t let seat stains, tears and rips negatively affect customer perception. Let our professionals change out covers and keep your interior looking great.

Leather Conditioning and Cleaning
Set up a leather cleaning program with us and extend the life and improve the look of your leather components. Ultimate Aircraft offers leather maintenance, reconditioning and repairs.

GSE Cleaning
GSE cleaning is important for your employees safety and the safety of your aircraft. Let us keep you tugs, belt loaders, fuel trucks, catering trucks and stairs clean and safe.

Security Checks
Security checks (under seats, overhead, back of chair, etc.) can be performed ad hoc or in conjunction with other cleaning services.

Agriculture Cleaning
Ultimate Aircraft is a USDA-approved cleaning vendor at several locations and available to clean and disinfect your aircraft and positions when necessary.