Exterior Cleaning

Exterior aircraft cleaning is Ultimate Aircraft’s expertise and our founding service. We pioneered the industry standards in exterior cleaning and follow a precise step-by-step guide every wash to ensure the highest-quality clean and safety of your aircraft and personnel.

Exterior Cleaning Process (may vary per customer specifications)

  1. Set up: Strategically and safely stage all vehicles, lifts and equipment per safety and client specifications
  2. Protect Plane: Install pitot tube and static port covers, and cover and protect landing gear
  3. Clean Plane: Brief and Dispatch Cleaning Teams per job card
  4. Inspection: Complete a Visual Inspection After Cleaning is completed
  5. Remove All Protective Coverings: Remove from pitot tube, static port covers and landing gear coverings
  6. Inspection: Complete a visual inspection of entire aircraft
  7. Confirm: Video tape entire aircraft from nose to tail to ensure all equipment has been removed and the plane is ready for flight. Videos are archived for 30 days for compliance.
  8. Sign-off: Obtain positive sign-off from client that the job card has been completed per specifications

Exterior cleaning is an important service in saving your airline money and keeping customers happy. By maintaining the exterior of your aircraft, customer perception improves, paint’s life expectancy extends, and fuel savings increases because of less weight and drag.

Let Ultimate Aircraft develop an exterior cleaning program to fit your needs.

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Polish / Wax
Our polish and wax service reduces dirt buildup and adds a UV Protectorant. We recommend making this a regularly scheduled cleaning to continue seeing these benefits.

Exterior Wash
A complete wash from nose to tail and wings, an exterior wash scheduled to be completed every 45 – 90 days.

Exterior Touch Up
Spot cleaning scheduled as needed for the areas that need it most such as belly, leaks, and wings.

Bright Work
Polish and shine all aluminum edges on your planes to get them looking their best.