Ultimate Aircraft Deicing

Since 2006 Ultimate Aircraft Deicing has been providing deicing services at JFK and has begun services in ANC as of 2013. We currently provide deicing services for more than 20 airlines including Asiana, China Airlines, El Al, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Atlas, DHL and NCA.

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Our deicing stations are outfitted with state of the art equipment to ensure all FAA regulations are met and safety standards are exceeded. We recently outfitted all of our locations with new deicing trucks, each equipped with a Forced Air System that combines conventional deicing with high volume air flow to dramatically reduce glycol use. The deicers are also equipped with an electronic valve allowing the operator to adjust the flow rate of glycol resulting in the best forced air/glycol combination. Both of the systems can be operated simultaneously or independently allowing the operator to use the air flow as a precursor to the deicing process.

Deicing Fluids
In a two-step process, we use Type I and Type IV fluids to deice aircraft and prevent ice accumulation before take-off.

All of our Deicing Technicians are A&P Mechanics with more than 10 years of experience and complete extensive training before joining our deicing team. Training includes the following classroom and on-the-job curriculum:

Deicing16 Hours Classroom/CBT

24-Hour On-The-Job Training